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Welcome to the INQ Faculty Development Wiki!


The Ways of Inquiry at Oxford

  • Congratulations Nitya Jacob!
    Nitya Jacob has been awarded an international prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction and has had an article about her Bio 142Q laboratory course published in Science, the world’s leading journal of original scientific research, global news, and commentary. The prize was awarded to only 15 people internationally, and highlights outstanding “modules” for teaching introductory college science courses that can readily spread to other settings and schools. The article describes her INQ module, but more importantly she speaks from the heart about why it is important to teach the process of inquiry to freshman and sophomore students. She talks about the difficulty and frustration and why it is an important part of the process. Way to go, Nitya!
  • INQ and the new GEP get some press in Emory's "Academic Exchange". (read the full article...).
  • Oxford College will be holding a faculty retreat aimed at the continued development of its INQ courses Thursday and Friday, August 11-12th. (more...)
  • What courses are currently designated as INQ? Check out the current list...
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  • Welcome to our new website! The purpose of this site is to provide a central repository for INQ-related resources and a way to encourage conversation about INQ and how to best implement it in our classes and (more generally) as an institution. Please help us do this by contributing your thoughts to one or more of the discussions below... and come back often!  :o)


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