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Faculty desiring a course be labeled “INQ” for the purposes of the General Education Program (GEP) should first become familiar with what a “Ways of Inquiry” course is meant to entail. The “Ways of Inquiry” vision statement, sample syllabi submitted by the INQ task force, and Virginia Lee’s book are all sources that can be used to this end.

Then, answers to the following questions should be submitted (along with a class syllabus) as evidence that a course should be classified as INQ. Answers should be as detailed as possible, citing specific intentionally-designed activities, assignments, or pedagogies to be used in the class, as appropriate.

Asking the “Right” Questions 1. What (fundamental) questions will students learn to ask when dealing with this discipline?
Using the “Right” Tools 2. What methods of analysis and argument will students learn to help them investigate questions in this discipline?
Students Actively Practice Inquiry 3. How will students “discover” knowledge in this course? How will students actively practice the process of inquiry? (Again, be specific as to what intentionally-designed activities, assignments, or pedagogies will give students this practice.)
Meta-Level Reflection 4. How will students be asked to reflect upon, question, and appreciate the ways of inquiry used in this discipline?
Increasingly Independent Investigation 5. How, specifically, will students’ investigations become more independent over the course of the semester?
Connections to Something Bigger... 6. What specific “real-world” questions, interdisciplinary connections, or ethical issues will students explore in an attempt to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the class content?
Appropriate Assessment for Inquiry-based Learning 7. What specific assignments will students be asked to do, to demonstrate their increased abilities in reading critically, writing, analyzing, or speaking with clarity?

You can download a MS Word version of the above here. Submissions in the form of answers to these seven questions and an attached copy of your syllabus should be emailed to either Dr. Florian Pohl ( or Paul Oser (, co-chairs of the INQ Development and Review Committee.
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